Coffee Meets Bagel – Review

Coffee Meets Bagel is a much laid back yet effective and efficient variant of your typical relationship program, using an intuitive interface, more helpful information and opinions, and also a casual-friendly instead of casually-sexual atmosphere.

The mobile-only dating system is the most like eHarmony (but it’s a favorite free alternative which works just fine) since it’s full of useful ideas, hand-held communication alternatives, and supplies a restricted number of games every day.

Coffee Meets Bagel does take a bid to pair you with all people you’re most compatible with too complete, so is not technically a Free Hookup Sites, however, that is not to mention it is not and can not be utilized for discovering other people only for casual sexual experiences.

But, unlike eHarmony and a few of the ‘key’ algorithm-driven dating programs, Coffee Meets Bagel mostly and reluctantly matches consumers according to friends-of-friends around Facebook.


-The relationship Program makes the effective relationship a priority and like eHarmony, supplies a number of games every day, the number of which fluctuates depending on your gender. (You can also receive a random variety of ‘possibly’ games to navigate through every day, but you probably won’t find more than about 30 new faces every day.) Users communicate using a conversation segment that is time-limited, meaning chances do perish which provides incentive.

Also, the app provides ideas and feedback to earn any consumer a general dater that is better. Coffee Meets Bagel has always introduced new features because it’s launching to make it even more useful and applicable for example Photo Lab, which makes it possible to choose the ideal profile picture to get the maximum success rate, and also Send a Woo, that is basically the capacity to deliver a Tinder Super Similar to.

coffee meets bagel review

Uniquely, Coffee Meets Bagel is among the only relationship platforms using more female members than men (others are eHarmony and Christian Mingle) using a 60-to-40 ratio, which might clarify the company’s recent redesign of its stage to possess a more female-oriented attention referred to as ‘Ladies Choice’.


Another potential explanation for this draw more females compared to men may be since it’s typically perceived as greater of a relationship program than a hookup program, together with 70 percent of members stating that they are searching for a connection, while just 12% suggesting they are searching for a casual hook up.

The comparatively new dating program has allegedly created 2.5 billion views and generated over 50,000 happy couples because of its 2012 New York City launch. Ever since that time, Travis Noddings of Coffee Meets Bagel has signaled the app has seen on month consumer development.

Pros & Cons


  • Enormous, bulk female consumer base
  • Extremely user-friendly interface with Several interactive and guides step-by-step tutorials
  • Point system Permits You to increase your Odds of success with Greater program use


  • Since it is friends of friends, passing a Possible game Could Result in an awkward experience in the future social occasions
  • Along Precisely the Same line, Friends of friends could imply high school classmates or exes you.